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As Dawn Brushes Darkness Away

Ever so gently Dawn comes to greet Darkness,
touching, teasing, caressing,
blushing with delicate shades of color.
Then with rushing speed, she brushes him away.
Dawn secretively allows form and shape to be seen.
Bold silhouettes stand tall. Others float upon the sea.
Ocean waves applaud the action.
Glorious sun prepares to rise above it all.

Bright rays burst through openings in the clouds,
dance in streams above the horizon,
reflect upon waves moving toward shore.

A new day breaks upon the scene.

Victorious light has ushered in the morn.
Hush and color of newness afford breath taking drama
Quiet calm and beauty bring confidence and joy.
Reality of the creative, redemptive God, offers peace.

copyright@Mary Joyce Boehm Athey, 2004,USA
Published in Best Poems and Poets, 2004

Wearing Feet of Time

Man's riches and wealth including himself,
Do wear feet of time, and time is flitting.
Today will be past when tomorrow comes,
And those who are gone just leave behind them,
Some tails of shadows.
All riches man brags and powers he has are but,
Illusions of pride, just its tag;
For man owns nothing,
Not even himself, which he does not rule.
It is harsh truth that on this earth,
All things are winging with time.
But when man is gone,
His ever presence can linger with us
By his honesty and his righteousness;
They are immortal and can not taste death.

copyright@Carmen D. Durano-Armamento


Mary Joyce Boehm Athey


The Great I Am
As Dawn Brushes Darkness Away
A Blessed 2008



The Masterpieces of A Masterpiece

The silence of the desert, that brings solace.
The unspoken language of wisdom.
The vastness of the sea, that brings bounty.
The unspoken language of lives.
The height of the mountain, that brings hope.
The unspoken language of dreams.
The brightness of the sun, that brings light.
The unspoken language of inspirations.
The serenity of the moon, that brings rest.
The unspoken language of solitude.
The boundlessness of the sky, that shows expansion!
The unspoken language of hope and peace!
As we vow in thanksgiving,
and sing a song of praise, we have to offer.
For the beauty, the bounty,
the majestic splendour, the grandness of purpose,
the useful existence of each breathe of life.
A beautiful universe, for the good...
" For dominion of mankind."
The Masterpieces of The Hands that carve,
The Masterpieces of A Masterpiece!

copyright@Crescenciana C. Ticzon-Bokhari